For the past several months, Linda Hawkes has acted as a pet sitter three times per week to my Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel and domestic cat.  Prior to meeting Linda I had been apprehensive about using a
pet sitter.  However, I never once worried about my pets or my home when I was away.  Linda always
exhibited a high level of professionalism and left detailed notes for my husband and I after every visit.  It
was nice to return from work and read about the daily visit.  In addition, there were several times when I
was required to stay late at work and Linda was always willing to come stop by and help me out on very
short notice.  That was very much appreciated.  I would highly recommend Linda to any future employer.
- Brooke M Nelson
This letter is in reference to Linda Hawkes of Affectionate Pet Sitting.  I recently had Linda sit for my five
cats, and can strongly recommend her as a professional, compassionate pet sitter.  In planning for our
family's yearly trip to the mountains, we had managed to forget to find a pet sitter until very soon before
our departure, and I was quite concerned that I would not find a sitter in time.  Seeing Linda's listing in
Yahoo, I called her and she was at our house within the HOUR, explaining her service and meeting the
gang (we have five cats and two dogs).  The animals all seemed to like her immediately, and she was
very comfortable with them.  She watched our four inside (and one outside) cats for two weeks, and
upon our return they were healthy and seemed quite content.  The house was well taken care of and our
mail had been collected (as we had arranged).  I am quite pleased with Linda's pet-sitting, and her
number now rests in my phone for the next time we need pet-sitting!  Based on my experiences, I would
recommend her highly.
- Dr. Scot Boeringer
Very much so - in fact, they didn't care if we did come back!
- Carol Day
Absolutely!  Linda has always made herself available for Tucker.  
Linda was always on-time and reliable.  Also she is very trustworthy.
- Catherine Marshburn
Here are some more detailed answers our Clients have
provided us on the Affectionate Pet Sitting Survey
(More than the simple one-word yes/no answer)
Q:  Did the pet sitter conduct business professionally?
Linda is extremely professional and prepared.
- Mark Hoewing
Yes.  Always professional but more like family for Daisy.
- Paula Thorp
Q:  Did your pet(s) seem happy and well cared for upon your return?
Milo was very well taken care of and happy.
- Mark Hoewing
Yes, just like I had never left.
- Howard Whitaker
Yes, Tucker just loves Linda.  My puppy loved seeing Linda every day.  
She walked, played and gave lots of love and attention to Tucker.
- Catherine Marshburn
Yes.  Daisy is always happy & when I say your name she gets excited.
- Paula Thorp
Q:  Did you find your home in satisfactory condition?
My home was in very good condition.
- Mark Hoewing
Yes, Linda took care of the accidents like it was no trouble at all.
- Howard Whitaker
Yes.  Linda always follows the instructions I give her to the tee.  Linda was excellent about leaving
lights off/on per my request and would even fill my doggy poop bag holder if it was empty.
- Catherine Marshburn
Q:  Were all instructions properly carried out?
The instructions were followed precisely.
- Mark Hoewing
Yes, we talked & wrote notes to each other.
- Donna Zimmerman
Yes.  Always.  To the tee.  Linda is very attentive to every request.
- Catherine Marshburn
Q:  Were you and your pet(s) pleased with your overall experience?
We are both very happy we know Linda!
- Mark Hoewing
Yes.  Thank you so much.
- Donna Zimmerman
Yes, yes, yes!  Linda always makes herself available to the visits I would
need, was always on time and spent extra time w/Tucker and he loves it.
- Catherine Marshburn
Q:  Would you consider using our services again?
Of course!  Linda is the only pet sitter for us!
- Mark Hoewing
Yes, I WILL use Linda's service again.
- Howard Whitaker
Yes, yes, yes!
- Catherine Marshburn
- Bill Harkin
Q:  Additional comments/thoughts to share?
Great attention to detail (notes, pictures).  
Always returns phone calls.  Great follow up.
- Bill Harkin
Will highly recommend Linda to my home-town sitter
so she can refer Linda to other clients.
- Carol Day
Linda is the most reliable and professional pet sitter imaginable!
- Mark Hoewing
I liked that you left notes after each visit.
- David Tedlow
It was nice knowing Coco was well taken care of.
- Donna Zimmerman
Thank you for taking care of Duke and Goblin!
- Sandra Johnson
Linda has always been so thoughtful and kind to Tucker.  I can't say enough wonderful things
about Linda.  If I was not moving I would keep her as my full time pet sitter.  She's amazing!
- Catherine Marshburn
Came at last minute, cats liked her, dogs liked her!
- Scot Boeringer
Thanks for all of the care & attention you give to Chloe.
- Carolyn Whitethorn
Love the journal you keep.
- Kristin Ferris
I only had one pet sitter before Linda, so it was all still new to me. During the consultation, she was able
to get down my pets routines on the first try, as well as memorize my house and where all the supplies
were located. She also memorized the names of all my pets. This all made me feel very at ease. After the
first pet sit session, I came home to everything in perfect order as if I had never left. She continued to
pet sit for my babies throughout the years, and I have never had a complaint for her. She keeps your
house keys very safe. One time during a pet sit, she called me because my brother-in-law was in my
house and I didn't tell her he would be visiting (because he wasn't suppose to be there at all and I didn't
want him there either). Linda went into "cop" mode and stopped him from stealing my food that was in my
pantry, kicked him out and continued to carefully monitor my home to make sure he didn't return. Don't
mess with Linda's clients (fur or human)!
All my babies love her! She is a great fur-nanny and I highly recommend her.
- Liz Whitworth